Sperry Top-Sider SON-R Bungee - Gear Review

I've always been a big fan of being "ready for anything." In grade school I was all over the fad to wear zip off pants to a skating party, just so when it got hot you could turn them into shorts. So you might think that a pair of shoes like these would be right up my alley, and they are.

The Sperry SON-R Bungees clearly come from a company that has made comfortable boat shoes for decades. I decided to put them to the test this summer, and wore them when we portaged into the BWCA in June. During a full day of portaging, they dried very quickly when I was paddling, and served as great hiking shoes while portaging. For as light as they are, they provided a lot of support, cushion, and protection compared to a lot of water shoes out there. They did not absorb water and get heavy as the day wore on, and the bungee system works great for keeping them on your feet, even when you're trudging through mud with a 50-pound canoe on your shoulders. When we reached our camp site, I was reluctant to take these off. The only complaint you'll get from me is that Sperry stuck with a tread that is clearly meant for the deck of a sailboat. With some of the more dicey terrain up in the BWCA, something with more of a hiking tread would have done me good.

All in all, this is a great shoe. I took a risk choosing these as my go-to shoes for this trip, but I was very impressed. Finally, back in the city I have been ecstatic to find that after a week of abuse in the wilderness, with a quick rinse they were ready for more. No stink either! Since our time in BWCA, I've been wearing them to walk the dog, take the sailboat out, and get groceries, confident that I am "ready for anything" this summer may send my way.

MSRP: $90

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