SPACETrailers - Gear Review

This is not your father's trailer...

As I toured the Northwest Sportshow this spring, one thing caught my attention.  It was a sleek looking, covered cargo trailer that would be perfect for my family vacation up north.  I have a big family, and while we all fit comfortably in our van, it doesn't leave much room for storage.  To solve this problem last year, we bought a soft-sided cargo carrier that attaches to the top of our van.  Most of our clothes and other gear fit in the carrier and we put the rest of our things in my brother's boat.  Problem solved, right?  Wrong.  Halfway through our trip, the sky turned really dark. We frantically stopped at the nearest Walmart to find a tarp to put over the carrier because our clothes were getting soaked.  Needless to say, the carrier functions well and holds a lot, but it didn't do us much good.  That's why I was so excited when I saw what SPACE trailers had to offer.  

Northwest Sportshow
This lightweight covered cargo trailer was perfect.  It was easy to hook up and was a breeze to tow behind our car.   Most importantly, it was covered.  This trailer was the perfect size for my family of 7's gear.  We had so many compliments and inquiries about this trailer and I couldn't give it high enough praise.  Even when we stopped at a store, I noticed a guy circling the trailer in interest.  All in all, this trailer is good-looking, sturdy and highly functional.  So whether you are buying or renting, these trailers are reasonably priced and have many options like the basic uncovered, adjustable SPACE bars for hauling canoes, bikes or kayaks, and spare tires.  If you're taking a trip and need extra storage, check out SPACE trailers, you will not be disappointed.

All unloaded!

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