HI-Tec Vigorate Slide Sandals- Gear Review

"Should I wear my sandals?" I asked a friend as we made our to a cliff on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, CO. He said I would be fine. Now, either he completely forgot about the crevice we had to climb to get to "Party Rock" or he knew that my Hi-Tec Vigorate Slide Sandals could tackle anything short of Mt. Everest. Halfway through our "walk" to the overlook it started to drizzle and then it started to pour. All my friends were clad in the latest hiking boots, but I had no trouble keeping up with them as my sandals gripped to the wet rock walls. I didn't have to worry about the sandal sliding on the rock wall or my foot sliding out of the sandal.

What is great about the Vigorate Slide Sandals is that they can either perform as a usual flip-flop or a hiking sandal. I can wear them to the pool and then wear them on a trail. My feet are always comfortable because of the focus on the cushion and gel pads within the outsole.

The one flaw with these sandals is that the leather band took some time to break in. In the first couple of weeks the band chafed my big toes, but after a few wears the sandals completely molded to the ebb and flow of my feet.

I would reccommend these sandals to anyone. And they contain 15% recycled material so you feel good buying them ;)

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