Adidas Outdoor Boat CC Lace - Gear Review

Adidas introduced it's newest line-up of Outdoor focused products back in January at the Outdoor Retailer trade show.  With the US launch slated for Fall 2011, you will want to keep your eyes peeled for a rugged departure from their traditional products.  The products fall into one of two categories; "Mountainsport" and "Hiking/Trekking".  The initial roll-out will include over 100 outerwear and base layer styles for men and women as well as 45 footwear styles for men and women and 14 kids offerings...  A new member of Team Paddle Junkie had the privilege of giving the Boat CC Lace shoes a test, welcome aboard Mr. Cocker Spaniol....

...Review provided by The Cocker Spaniol

I received these shoes just over two weeks ago and I have not been able to take them off.  In fact, they have traveled over 20,000 miles!  They have spent time in California, Minneapolis (twice), Las Vegas, Maryland and Harrisburg, PA.  These Adidas are incredibly comfortable.  In California and Maryland, both vacations I may add, my Adidas spent some time drenched in the rain. Well, the outside of them anyway.  Not once did my socks/feet get wet.  If they had, these shoes are built for maximum drainage, perfect for those afternoon boating adventures where an occasional foot dunking is inevitable.  

In Las Vegas, had the opportunity to do some sight seeing (with plenty of walking) and standing around playing table games.  Not once did I notice my feet getting tired – and trust me, it happens.  Taking a first glance of these shoes you wouldn't think there is any support but there certainly more than enough.  Personally, would highly recommend these shoes to anyone.  Stylish, supportive, and most importantly- the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn!

Projected MSRP: $65

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