Laundromat Sweaters - Gear Review

So, I am not the most naturally insulated guy and this Minnesota winter has been long and frozen.  The last several weeks have been made more comfortable, however, thanks to a couple of new additions to my wardrobe from Laundromat. 
The story of the Laundromat gear is unlike that of most makers of woolen knitwear.  The Canadian design team understands the needs of those of us here in this Winter Wonderland.  From hefty zippers to lined pockets, all the creature comforts have been integrated.  Combine that with their artfully skilled knitters in Nepal and 100% natural wool and dyes and you have some of the nicest sweaters on earth.  A proud member of the Fair Trade Federation, Laundromat strives to create quality product while ensuring the planet and all people involved are treated fairly. 

These sweaters don't mess around.  They are warm, bordering on HOT...  Rugged wool lined with a velvety soft fleece make them incredibly sturdy and comfortable (no itchy makes me happy!)  The construction is simply amazing, durability is not going to be an issue.  The only drawback is, as with most natural wool, the three most dreaded words in laundry; DRY CLEAN ONLY...

These sweaters are going to be staples in my attire from October to April.  Doubling as a Spring/Fall jacket and keeping me from freezing to death in the heart of the Winter.

MSRP: $145 to $150 depending on style...

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