Kamik Men's Icepark Boots - Gear Review

This winter has forced many of us to invest in many new gear and equipment.  Ridiculously low temps and record snowfalls have made these last few months some of the most difficult in recent memory.  Snow blower, shovels and boots were all on the list of requisite upgrades. 
While at the winter Outdoor Retailer trade show I stopped by the Kamik booth and checked out these Icepark boots.  They looked like many other light-duty winter boots.  With a soft leather upper and a very flexible rubber lower shell yet they stand only 8 inches tall and are rated to 40 below, yeah I said -40.  Everything about these boots reminds me of my hiking boots rather than my normal winter monsters.  Not nearly as bulky, tall or heavy as the traditional clunkers we have all owned at one point or another, these let me run and play with the kids unhindered.  Normally the sacrifice in bulk equals a loss in thermal protection, not this time.

I have run these boots through the paces on several occasions.  Most recently for about 5 hours in two feet of snow with temps never breaking into double digits. I was perfectly comfortable the whole time.  Fortunately for me, we have not seen temperatures below -10 since I got my hands on these, but following the snow blower in subzero weather has always meant frozen toes, until I slipped my feet into these.

If you are in the market for versitile winter boots, that will keep you toasty warm in any conditions, these need to be on your short list...

MSRP: $99.00

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