Hydration Integrated Daypack the Hydrapak Jolla - Gear Review

Any outdoor athlete or enthusiast will tell you that staying hydrated is more than just having a water bottle along for the journey.  In most conditions your body burns through a max of about 1.5 liters of water per hour, in extreme (tropical) conditions that number skyrockets to an astounding 3.5 liters.  So, when traveling away from reliable water sources in certain conditions bringing ample water with you is simply a must.  Your half liter canteen just ain't gonna cut it. 

Hydration packs are not a brand new concept, but the Jolla from Hydrapak has fine tuned it to a point beyond that of its competition.  This versatile daypack can hold up to 18 liters (1100 cubic inches) of gear, making it plenty big to function as my back-country daypack. It can carry everything I need for a full days journey including my fishing kit and rain gear.  The integrated 3 liter water reservoir has all the features one would look for in hydration.  For me the biggest advantage Hydrapak has is cleanability,  the "easy seal" closure far surpasses the traditional screw type closures in simplicity and allowing you to clean the inside of the reservoir.  The "EasyFlo" bite valve makes regulating flow a snap, bite harder more water, and an inline shutoff valve prevents accidental spills.  And there is no "plasticy" taste imparted to the water that you tend to find in some lower quality hydration systems.

Many hydration packs focus on the hydration; forgetting about the finer points of a pack.  Not the Jolla.  I could wear this pack all day, fully loaded, and hardly notice it was there.  Several straps allow you to secure the load, the padded shoulder straps are very forgiving and the moisture wicking back pad will keep you dry.  Creature comforts like organizer pockets and a dedicated media pocket with audio port make this a great around town pack as well.

All in all, one of the best all around hydration packs I have ever tested. 

MSRP: $129.99

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