Zippo Outdoor Line Gear Review

For more than 75 years the Zippo brand has been synonymous with windproof refillable lighters.  The iconic flip-top lighters have earned Zippo legendary status and with the Zippo Guarantee you will always have a fully operational piece of equipment.  So, when I heard that they were delivering a line of outdoor fire production products I was sure there would be a few winners in the collection.

The Line boasts 2 different utility lighters; a flexible neck lighter that lets you put the fire exactly on target or the outdoor utility lighter that has an integrated LED flashlight.  The Emergency Fire Starter Kit is a great addition to any survival kit.  It looks much like a Zippo flip top lighter, but inside is a sideways flint wheel and a few waxed tinder sticks that catch fire in even the most inhospitable conditions.  The Hand Warmer is built for rugged use, and last for up to 12 hours on one fill.  The Campfire Cedar Starter Pucks are a great backyard fire starter, they catch fire and burn long enough to get even damp wood burning.  They are scored to easily snap into quarters to get four separate fire going. 

Once again Zippo proves that they are a dominate force in fire production, this time taking their design and quality into the back-country. 

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