Gillespie Outrigger Paddles - Gear Review

The Standard 10 degree paddle from Gillespie is a great paddle at a great price.   This medium weight paddle is very strong and durable.  On my trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area I pushed off of rocks and dead heads making sure to keep my canoe afloat.   I wasn’t once worried about the durability of this paddle.  It felt light and strong in my hands and giving me a strong stroke creating an easy time paddling through the beautiful lakes of the BWCA. 

This paddle can be ordered with a T grip or a Palm grip.  The Palm grip is an extra $7, but is well worth the extra money.  The paddle also comes in a standard 10 degrees, but if wanted can be ordered in a 7 or 5 degree paddle.   The partially cup tip is made out of Maple and helps to create a smooth entry into the water.  The Standard paddle also has a slightly oval shaft, which is approximately 9 inches in width and is roughly 22 ounces. 

Overall, I really like the ruggedness of this paddle.  It is a strong entry-level paddle, which is stylish, durable and has a great feel.  My one and only complaint about this paddle is that the product logo is placed on the paddle with a sticker.  Come on Gillespie!

MSRP:  $146.00

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