Holiday Gift Idea #8 - Rite in the Rain Notebooks

Recording your adventures on paper is a past time that many outdoors enthusiasts enjoy.  All to often bringing a notebook into the woods ends in soggy pages and blobs of ink.  Water plus paper usually equals worthless mush.  Enter the Rite in the Rain notebooks.

Their all weather paper is designed to survive in any weather conditions.  If you want a bound journal, spiral notebook or loose sheets for use with a printer, they have countless options to choose from.  I printed off lake maps for our BWCA gear test last year and they worked just as well as store bought maps, and they went for a swim more than once.  They have roughly a dozen purpose specific page styles, from writing journal to geological survey data records, or get yours custom designed for just what you need.  The Hunting and Fishing Kits are definitely worth checking out too.

MSRP: $3.85 and up

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Anonymous said…
I use these products and they work as advertised. The printed extra maps are great and I've also printed waterproof versions of the manuals for my stove and waterfilter so I can reference them if needed in the field.
Gus said…
Copying your own documents on the paper is my favorite thing besides the trusty notebooks.