GoLite Eden 2 Tent - A 2 person camping fortress

I have a fondness for the simple, especially in my gear. The more complex, the more moving parts, the more likely something will go wrong. When I took a first look at the Eden 2 from GoLite, it looked anything but simple. Unlike the tents I have used in the past this was not a free-standing set-up. It took me and a buddy about 15 minutes to get the poles, which had a curve built in (initially concerning), fed through the proper channels and it just flopped down on itself in a pile. But then, with a little tension on each end, the tent popped into shape.

Once staked down this tent was like a house. After just one test run with a buddy I was able to set up my tent in the back country, by myself, in under 10 minutes. It is literally 3 poles (which are actually color coded for guys like me) and 2 stakes and you are loading your gear inside. If you are preparing for serious weather; utilizing its 8 stake points and roughly 12 guy points make this tent ready for anything mother nature can throw at you.

An integrated rain fly, waterproof floor, awnings and ventilation scoops mean that once it is up, you’re done. Redefining Easy!!! During our BWCA gear test, my buddies were a bit jealous. They were getting even more drenched while fighting with their rain fly and I was relaxin’ by the fire.

I have been using this as a solo tent, but it is plenty big for 2 adults. It is just so easy to use and light that there is no reason to bring anything else. Yet another innovative design by the folks over at GoLite.

Shelter Specs
type: 2 person
height: 48 inches
area: 51 sq. ft
4.7 sq. m
main body weight : 60.7 oz / 1665 g
pole weight: 16oz / 510g
stake weight: 6oz / 170g

MSRP: $425.00

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