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I am guessing that there are a number of you that have never made the trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. If you haven't, you simply don't know what you are missing. It is simply the most serene place I have ever been. It is not your normal camping trip at the local KOA or State Park. This is something more wild. There are a number of reasons I have heard recently; it's too rustic, too hard, you don't have any of the necessary gear, etc. One word: Outfitter

Spend 5 minutes talking to a seasoned BWCA visitor or with Google and you will quickly learn the name Piragis, and I had the privilege of finding out why. After my first phone conversation with Bert and Drew in the outfitting department, I knew these guys had their stuff together. We had 6 guys heading into the woods, each with varying levels of experience and gear. The Piragis outfitting crew had everything we needed and all top-of-the-line gear. Granite Gear and Cooke Custom Sewing packs, Bell and Wenonah canoes, Kevlar bent shaft paddles and Sierra Designs tents to name a few. Check out the complete gear list

The options for food outfitting were incredible. It was actually hard to decide what we wanted because there were just so many good choices. The one concern we had was that we were 6 guys with very healthy appetites and portion size had us wondering. Piragis put that to rest in a hurry. They gave us more than enough to satisfy us all, without overloading us with a bunch of food to pack back out. It was all tasty, but if there is one thing we all loved it was the fry breads. Any of the 6 or so flavors are a great addition to pretty much any meal.

Now that you have your gear, where are you headed? Which entry point you choose determines a lot about your trip. The team at Piragis knows the BWCA as well as anyone. How difficult a trip are you up for? Do you want to chase the Walleyes? Whatever you are interested in doing, these guys can steer you in the right direction. So if you want a weekend in the woods with the family or a 10 day trek through the back-country, the Piragis crew can set you up.

So, if you are thinking about heading out into the Boundary Waters and but have been hanging on to some reason not to, you just run out of excuses. The Piragis Northwoods Outfitting Service is your first step to a great trip. Their full service outfitting runs $100 a day per person. That provides everything but your clothes and fishing gear. They can also do ala carte and partial outfitting, if you have some stuff but need to fill in the holes. Prices are very competitive with the other outfitters in the Ely area and as I said before its all new top-notch gear.

We are rapidly approaching my favorite time of year here in Minnesota. Indian summer in the Boundary Waters is a great way to mentally prepare for the frozen months ahead. The evenings are cooler and the fishing is good. So give the folks at Piragis a call and give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Piragis Northwoods Outfitters
Boundary Waters Canoe Trips
105 North Central Avenue
Ely, Minnesota 55731

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