Icebreaker New Zealand Merino Wool - Taking natural products to a supernatural level.

Wool clothing is not a new concept to the outdoor lover. For many of us thought, the idea of wool clothing makes our skin crawl, or itch at least. Icebreaker has crafted a superfine merino wool fabric that is soft, breathable, durable and retains the natural qualities that makes wool an outdoors favorite. This merino is so soft and comfortable the first products to hit the market were thermal underwear.

I have been addicted to wool hiking socks for years, and once you try these you will never sport cotton athletic socks again. They are not all geared to provide thermonuclear warmth either, from their City Ultralight Crew “everyday” socks to the Mountaineer Mid-Calf, they cover the spectrum. I tried out the Hike Lite Crew and these are my new favorite socks. Supportive in the right areas and like wearing two custom fitted pillows for my feet.

I was a little skeptical of the idea of a wool t-shirt. I have an affinity for “well worn” cotton tie-dyes, so getting me into anything less comfortable would be a challenge. The Superfine 150 Tech T Lite was a pleasant surprise. It is lighter and more breathable than cotton and feels soft to the touch. I will make room for a couple of these in my dresser.

Icebreaker wants to reconnect the outdoors lover with natural materials. In an age of synthetics, rediscovering and reinventing wool separates Icebreaker from most of the outdoor apparel world. A welcome change if you ask me. The Icebreaker Story & Philosophy is worth a read as well.

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