Granite Gear’s Immersion Pack

Canoe packs have come a long way, and the newest rendition from Granite Gear resets the bar. The Immersion pack, their first truly waterproof canoe pack, is a work of art. This pack took everything we threw at it and it laughed at us… It wasn’t even breaking a sweat.

After testing the pack in a somewhat controlled setting, this pack underwent a true trial by fire. Day 1 of our BWCA testing was everything a tester could want, over a mile of portages and 4+ miles of paddling, all in a torrential downpour. By the time we got to our campsite, EVERYTHING was soaked. I had 3 inches of water in the bottom of my canoe and my packs were floating like icebergs. Once I got my tent up, I was delighted to find that the Immersion Pack had more than delivered. Not a drop managed to make its way in.

Made from 500 Denier fabric and an extremely durable TPU laminate, this welded pack spent nearly a week getting dunked, tossed and dragged through all kinds of terrain and came home looking like new. By far the most comfortable pack in the test thanks to the shoulder straps and hip belt perfected in the Expedition Series of Packs. Everyone wanted to “give it a try” when we had a 280 rod portage that never seemed to end and a 80 rod hop that felt like summiting Everest.

The next time we travel light and I have to pick only one pack, there is no question this is the one I am bringing. Ample room for your gear, a little zipper pocket on the outside to keep essentials handy and unrivaled protection from the elements.

I will always have a place in my heart for the classic waxed canvas bag with leather trim, but technology and innovation have helped the Immersion Pack from Granite Gear assume the throne as King of the Canoe Packs!

MSRP: $299

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The first trip this pack would be on is a flight over the Atlantic. Those luggage handlers certainly can damage my luggage, but I want to know the true durability of the runway handlers. Besides, I am tired of using rolling luggage to travel, and my REI broke down last trip- the waist buckle buckled.
Then into the Scandinavian wilderness. If it is anywhere as challenging as the great Minnesota outdoors, I need one to last and be able to go to the limits... Vi ses og hej hej!!