RuRoc RG1 DX - Gear Review

Deep breath. 

Initiate descent. 

*Oh shit moment* 

Slides down mountain with face bouncing off terrain. 

This was an afternoon in Steamboat when my friends and I were recommended to try "Little Tokyo"- an unmarked run filled with obstacles way above my pay grade. After initial descent and bumping off some trees I was launched head first down the terrain. Luckily, I had the RG1 DX helmet with the face mask on so my mug didn't get banged up. (See photo)

My first impressions of the RuRock helmet were all over the board. First, the unpacking kept revealing layers to this complex product. This is more than a typical ski helmet. The RG1 DX comes with goggles that flaunt a "Mag-Lock" lens. This lenses snaps into place in case cloud cover demands an adjustment on the lift. Above the goggles is a removable visor for a Go-Pro mount so the ugly mount can be hidden unless a Go-Pro is necessary. The signature mark of this helmet is the removable face mask. Gone are the days of having a soggy buff chafing your chin and neck on powder days. The helmet is a high-tech piece of equipment (you can outfit with bluetooth if that is your jam). However, even the "low-tech" features like the removable visor and facemask have a refineness and tactility to them that embellish the design of the helmet. As I put the helmet on for the first time, I felt more like Tony Stark's Ironman than a ski junkie. 

Functionally the helmet fulfilled on most promises: Lenses rarely fogged, goggles always snapped in place, face mask was easily removable. Two drawbacks were that you are locked into the sizing- ideally the helmet would be be adjustable to allow a tighter fit around your noggin. The second drawback was what to do with the face mask if you were overheating on the mountain- the rigidness of the facemask does not allow it to slip conveniently into a jacket pocket. 

There is an adjustment period while getting used to the face mask. Snacks or the occasional smoke on the lift take a bit more coordination. I wouldn't say your vision is limited, but you cannot look down as easily when the face mask is on because it limits your movement between chin and chest. The retail price of the item might seem a little steep at $380 MSRP, but this includes goggles AND insurance for your mug in case you take a spill like a I did. Worth it.

I would recommend this helmet to any skier of any level and I look forward to seeing what RuRoc has in store for us this year. Their website offers an assortment of colors and finishes ranging from white to neon blue and from glossy to matte. This season they even have hockey goalie-esque graphics so worth a view even if you are not in the market.

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Unknown said…
How do you remove the visor that covers the GoPro mount?