Sierra Designs Lava Jacket - Gear Review

Mother Nature is at it again.  Just when you think you are destined for flip-flops and Bermuda shorts, SNOW is back in the forecast.  Yes, I said SNOW.  Fortunately for me, I have not stowed my cold weather gear just yet, I have lived here long enough to know better.  April weather is two things around here, volatile and wet.  We will go from 70 degree days back to the 30's with snow/rain in a matter of just a few hours.  I have the perfect weapon.

The Sierra Designs Lava Jacket is coming back out of the closet for one last hurrah.  Amazingly warm for only 26.5 ounces, thanks to Primaloft insulation, and about as weatherproof as it gets, 35 degrees and sleeting is not a problem.  Fully taped seams, waterproof zippers, an integrated (helmet compatible) hood and a storm flap along the front will keep precipitation, in any form, at bay.  It may be a bit more jacket than some people need in this kind of weather, because as the name implies this jacket can get HOT.  With incredible breathability and under arm vents, temp regulations is easy.  Plus, having more jacket than you need is far better than the alternative. 

The folks over at Sierra Designs prove once again that they just get it.  This is about as versatile a jacket as you will find.  From the dead of winter to a spring snowfall, this jacket will have your back. 

MSRP: $249.00

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Vig S said…
I hope you're still around to see this as I have a couple questions. This jacket is at the top of the list because of the price and overall cut which seems like it won't restrict motion. The main concern however is overheating like you wrote, they seem to have put a ton of insulation in this one. Do the underarm vents really keep that under control? What would you say is the upper temperature limit for aerobic activity in this jacket, and what about just around town?

Ryan Weber said…
Hi Vig,

I absolutely love this jacket. That said, it is definitely built for cool to cold temps. If you are looking for something to ice climb, snowshoe, or ski in, this would be a great option. Temps from -20 to 35 were no issue for this jacket, even for just around town. The vents did a good job, but I did find myself overheating during hard core workouts in warmer conditions (25-40 degrees). They don't call it the Lava jacket for nothing. If you want something like it, but for a little warmer weather, check out their Rad jacket.
Vig S said…
Hi, thanks for your reply. I have one last question, is the hood insulated? Thanks.