Duke Cannon - Big Ass Brick Of Soap

There is a comedian that has a skit about his friend using Axe body spray to cover up the scent of some of his illicit behaviors before entering a bar. First off, we’re not 14 years old any more, it’s high time to step up our game when it comes to smelling like you cleaned yourself. No longer do we have to put up with smelling like your grandpa or smelling like the hallway of high school. We’re men and let’s smell like it. Duke cannon has all the product you can think of to make this happen, from big ass bars of soap to dry shampoo. Don’t worry about using “dry shampoo” it’s all about looking good. Look good feel good is a great motto and Duke Cannon delivers.

Scents ranging from leather to whiskey they have you covered in that department. The gigantic bars of soap last forever and smell great. Some bars of soap leave almost a filmy layer on your skin when you get out of the shower and this doesn’t. Not only does it leave your skin feeling refreshed you smell like a god. I’m all about a little pampering when it comes to cleaning up and this fits the bill perfectly.

The benefits to the massive bar outweigh the one major con I have discovered over the last month or so, upgrade to the luffa. It’s a bar of soap, it’s hard to hold on to and making it bigger doesn’t make the problem any easier to deal with.

Another great product they have, and I use on the regular is the solid cologne. Honestly have no idea this has been around, but I am a fan. No need to walk through a putrid mist of cologne that makes you feel like you ate the dead ass of a skunk. I small dab behind the ears and on the wrist give you an aura of scent that takes someone getting really close to notice it. That may sound like a bad thing but there is no way your attracting anyone when they catch a whiff from halfway across the room, I don’t care how good you think you smell.

Not only do they make you smell good they are as close to our home-base as you can possibly get. Blocks from Target Field and our all-time favorite place in Minneapolis, First Ave. Great team, awesome products and an ever-expanding repertoire of scents give you no reason to smell like a trash panda.

Get out there and embrace it. Smell good, look good, fell good baby!!

Check out their website and order it up.

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