Fathers Day Gift Guide

 Father's day is rapidly approaching, and trying to figure out what to get a person who seemingly has everything and needs nothing can be difficult. Don't fret; Team Paddle Junkie has you covered. A few gift ideas below for the dad in your life.

CRKT - CEO Pocket Knife - MSRP - $45.00

Designed by Richard Rogers and sleek enough to be mistaken for a pen, the CEO fits perfectly in your shirt pocket for the office or your pants pocket out on the trail. Designed to fit a pen profile, the 2.1 Oz knife fits exceptionally well in hand. The recessed thumb stud with an IKBS ball bearing system allows for quick deployment of the 3.11" blade. A lightweight glass-reinforced nylon handle makes for an ergonomic and comfortable grip when using the knife. This is a great price point for an excellent EDC from a quality manufacturer.

Lodge 12 in Cast Iron Skillet - MSRP - $29.95

Cast iron has become quite the collector's item over the last few years, and a staple manufacturer in that field has been Lodge. Rebranded as Lodge in 1910, the foundry has produced kitchenware in Tennessee for over 100 years. Great weight and even heating surface make cast iron a go-to in my kitchen. The Lodge is an excellent price point for the collector and beginner alike. Basically, indestructible and easy to maintain, makes cast iron a great choice. The Lodge 12 in is a good size and makes for an excellent gift. And yes, you can use soap to clean them.

Mountain Hardware Southpass Fleece - MSRP $175.00

Mountain Hardware makes awesome gear and this fleece is no exception. With the classic sherpa fleece feel and pullover style, this jacket makes for an excellent mid-layer from the first snowfall to the last frost. Weighing in a little under 2lbs and two massive chest pockets give this jacket the perfect feel. June may be a hot month but this will make an excellent addition to the closet when the snow starts to fly. I wore it multiple times as my top layer when the sun was out on the ice and it performed excellently. Currently on sale in just a few sizes this is a winner in our book.

Berkley Flicker Shad - MSRP $5.99

Berkley has worked with multiple pros to design the flicker shad to mimic a fleeing baitfish. With a massive amount of designs and sizes, you can match the hatch with ease. Varying designs allow for multiple depths to suit your needs based upon location. Keep an eye out as to what color the baitfish are on the surface and get as close to you can in color and let it rip. You can vary your retrieve to replicate injured baitfish and initiate the instinctual strike that you're seeking. Feeling the tug of a big fish is an adrenaline rush like no other and these baits make it pretty easy. These make for an excellent addition to any tacklebox.

Miir - Climate + 20 Oz Wide Mouth - MSRP $39.95

What is not to love about stainless steel water bottles. I love them and anyone who enjoys a tasty beverage loves them. Miir is making a conscious effort to help the environment and this new series boasts quite the stats to back it up. No new plastics, 25% less stainless steel, and 110% percent of its carbon footprint offset. What's not to like about that. This slender bottle fits perfectly in a cup holder in the vehicle, a side pocket on a backpack, or my favorite, rolling around on the bottom of a fishing boat keeping my coffee hot. 

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