KOALA - Ultimate Phone Companion Review

Do you ever bend over and your phone comes flying out of your pocket and hits the ground with the most thunderous of crunches? You cringe as you bend over to pick up your phone hoping the screen doesn't look like an iPhone from the pocket of a 10th grader. Hopefully this time it is still functioning at 100% and no damage is done to the screen. Pick yourself up a KOALA by Hangtime and lose the fear of dropping your phone on the ground.

Of course, not all of us are out rock climbing, riding mountain bikes in the desert or doing a trail race. However, we all carry phones and the possibility of dropping them is pretty high.

The KOALA is basically a leash for your smartphone. A heavy-duty clip on one end allows you to strap your phone anywhere you want. Always within reach but never in danger of falling on the ground. High-grade silicone harness stretches over basically any phone without hindering the use of the rear camera. I have a Pixel 3A and if it can fit on there, I'm certain it will fit on any phone. The urethane tether can withstand up to 45 lbs and stretch to 4ft so it is perfect for selfies on the go.

Of course, this is great for outdoor activities but I'm totally going to use this for travel. A tether for your phone at the airport sounds awesome. You can rather easily set your phone down and boom, it's gone.

Currently on IndieGoGo, available for preorder and set to deliver January 2020. They say it best Sh*t Happens, never drop your phone again.

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