Obermeyer - Straight Line Pant Review

Being a homeowner, living in the state of Minnesota and not owning a pair of snow pants leaves you vulnerable come those winter months. Let me introduce you to the Obermeyer Straight Line Pant. I have owned the Pink Fusion pair since early December. Lucky for us Minnesotans I really hadn’t needed to break these bad boys out as it’s been a “milder” winter than normal. Then came the Polar Vortex and these pants saved my life (And legs!)

With temps at -23 degrees plus a wind chill making it feel like -52 degrees outside, my legging/sweatpant combo would not cut it to snowblow the 5-6 inches that were dumped on the city. Now it was time to really push these pants and their 3M Thinsulate plus Microporous Matrix Membrane technologies. Not only did I stay warm (while only wearing compression shorts underneath) but I was comfortable and able to chase The Paddle Junkie Mascot, Waylon, around the yard. 

I fell in love with these pants the first time I put them on, they are especially designed for women, slimmer in all the right areas. One thing I would suggest is going up a size if you have larger thighs and backside like I do. The Size 8 pants I have are tighter than I prefer but with the amazing technology of this product I didn’t need to layer up on the lower half of my body. On a non-functional note: the many different styles and patterns offered allow you express yourself and has a color or pattern for everyone.

Although Obermeyer started over 65 years ago, this was my first experience with Obermeyer but it will not be my last. These pants exceeded my expectations especially for the price point. After a week of living in these pants (Thanks Minnesota), I found myself on their website browsing their accessory department as well as their base layer tops.

TPJ Mascot - Waylon

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