Helly Hansen - Triple Layer Technology Guide

As you may know, Team Paddle Junkie are huge fans of Helly Hansen and the exceptional gear they produce. I've received the question multiple times on favorite gear company and the answer is always the same, Helly Hansen. From boat shoes to ski shells, Helly has you covered. 

Layering different pieces allows for you to be prepared for all sorts of weather and still be comfortable. I have been consistently layering the following three pieces together and it's good in rain, sleet, snow and temps down to freezing. This is not necessarily the Helly Hansen triple layer system that is designed to work as one unit but I have had excellent luck and am here to tell you about it.

First up and most important is the base layer. The HH Lifa Stripe Crew is a high grade breathable and completely hydrophobic base layer that helps keep you a consistent temp regardless of the elements. This allows for moisture to be pushed to the next layer without it sitting against your skin waiting to wick. Extremely comfortable during almost any activity featuring cuffs, a regular fit and plenty of stretch this has been consistently improved upon over the last 40 years.

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There are many different options for mid-layer but my favorite piece is the Lifaloft Hooded Insulator Jacket. I have a few other manufacturers jackets that are in the same category and this is by far the lightest version I have ever had the pleasure of putting on. It was noticeably lighter, up to 20% better weight to warmth ratio, and still performs well when the thermometer starts to dip. The jacket hasn't been exposed to rain yet but Lifaloft hydrophobic properties will keep you warm even when the jacket gets wet. Large pockets, built in stash pocket and one hell of a zipper makes this jacket perfect for everyday use. Looks good, performs well and doesn't break the bank, sign me up.

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Now, by this time we are no stranger to having a great outer layer. The Odin Thrudheim Jacket is the ultimate outer layer from HH and goes perfectly with this triple layer grouping. I had the Odin minimalist jacket and it was perfection, this is no different. Thrudheim means world of strength and this jacket lives up to that saying. The 3L Helly Tech offers superior breathability and protection from the elements. There are to many features to list but this light weight comfortable jacket stays in my truck and is consistently out at job sites.

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