Water Bottle Extravaganza

I would assume most people have one, maybe two water bottles. We at The Paddle Junkie have a slight obsession, verging on addiction for water bottles. I almost always have one on me for any occasion and each one serves the same purpose but with pro's and con's to each style. It's an easy home for stickers with each bottle having it's own personality and sentimental value. I've had two go missing over the last few years and it was a heart breaking experience. I legitimately shed a few tears, they had been with me through multiple life changing experiences and I felt a connection with them, plus the sticker collection was on point. I divulge from the point, we have of course collected a few more over the course of the year and it's high time we told the world about them.

The bottles are all very different while still serving the same purpose, holding water (or wine). From the classic HDPE Nalgene to the Bindle double insulated hideaway bottle. There are plenty of options on the current market and I want them all.

First up is the Hydrapak 1L Stow bottle. They break down what the concept of a water bottle is and make it as simple as possible. I'ts a device to carry water and that's it. Nothing ground breaking but serves the purpose wonderfully. I'm not into rock climbing but this fits the bill perfectly, a large hoop to clip to your belt during ascent. I was told to fill it half way and freeze it to have cold water throughout the day and it worked beautifully. This is a simple bottle that serves it's purpose. Personally i wouldn't put anything other than water in this. Not sure if the container would retain any flavor from the previous occupant.

Buy It Now - MSRP $17.00

Klean Kanteen has been making a name for themselves in the personal fluid container. Whether it's a food container or a growler they have it all. My personal favorite is the 12 oz coffee mug. This thing keeps coffee piping hot for hours, not keeping it warm, keeping it so hot it's almost impossible to drink. It simply goes to show they know what they are doing when it comes to making containers. I was gifted a 40 oz single wall stainless steel jug at Outdoor Retailer this year. Once again, nothing fancy but serves its purpose extremely well. Solid cap with a hoop for clipping it to your bag or canoe. The stainless steel is perfect for multiple beverage choices. Wine one day a simple swish with some water, good to go for another beverage of your choosing.

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The Bindle is the first fully insulated water bottle with built in storage. Bindle refers to the carrying device made famous by the sub-culture of hobo's. The bottle itself is extremely light for being the largest of the models tested. With the 24 oz capacity it stores enough water for a short trip or an afternoon road trip. The storage unit at the bottom of the bottle is surprisingly big and would easily store your keys and wallet for a day at the beach. I wouldn't bring this on a backpacking trip because of the size but if you want cold water for an extended period of time use the Bindle. I keep mine on the night stand and in the morning the water is still cold. Of all the new bottles Team Paddle Junkie has received I believe this one is my favorite.

Buy It Now - MSRP $39.00

Nalgene is the epitome of water bottles. Lab techs who were hiking enthusiast began using laboratory bottles during their trips due to being leak proof and light weight, over the next decade Nalgene became popular among the public and pro teams alike. Still at the top of their game, Nalgene's have been strapped to my bag for going on 10 yrs now. Unfortunately I've cracked or misplaced my 2 oldest bottles. Regardless, I've been keeping my eye out for what we affectionately call the squishy bottle. I stumbled on an HDPE bottle during a trip to the sporting goods store early this year. Nothing special about a Nalgene but that timeless blue lid with the milky white bottle is something I needed. 32 oz with a wide mouth is my favorite way to go. One for wine and one for water on all my backpacking trips. Nalgene has options ranging from kids lunch pail containers to flasks.

Buy It Now - MSRP $6.99

To wrap things up, water bottles come in all shapes and sizes but they all do the same thing. It all depends on your hobby. Collect as many as you can and determine which one fits you best. And remember, stay hydrated friends.

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