Made In Minny Headwear- Gear Review

Although I hate to wish away Summer, my favorite season has finally graced us with its presence.  The season of flannel, large sweaters, boots and beanies is finally here.  Fall.  Just because summer is over, our adventures at TPJ are not slowing down. With that being said, our gear has slightly shifted.   I love shopping local, especially when the company was created by someone I grew up with. Let me introduce you to Made in Minny.

Founded in Minnesota by entrepreneur, Naomi Goff, MIM takes it’s inspirations from the Midwestern great outdoors while allowing you to look good no matter where your day takes you. Whether it is their signature beanies or head bands, these can be worn at any occasion or for any adventure. The handmade beanies are great for any female or male paddle junkie. The multitude of colors allows you to coordinate for any adventure while keeping your noodle cozy and warm. Although I want everything produced on this website, my personal favorite piece is my “Explore the North” headband. This versatile headband, that can be worn three different ways, is the most comfy headband that I have ever placed upon my head. It’s built to last, mine has gone from a 5am workout to my day job and ended up on a hike around the Mississippi.

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