Summer 2016 - Lifestyle Guide

Can you believe it's already August? Seems like just yesterday I was slipping on the ice on the way out to my car, but enough talk about the cold. The Paddle Junkie crew are big fans of the sunshine and we thoroughly enjoy looking good while playing outside. This year we are shifting our focus to the everyday user. Someone who wants gear that will work in almost any setting, not just mechanically but aesthetically as well. If you or anyone you know is looking for that piece of gear that allows for cross over from the work environment to the outdoors then you're in the right spot. From the sand to the supper club we have what you need to look good and stay comfortable in almost any situation.

Sunday Afternoon - Trucker Hats - MSRP: $29.95 - Buy it Now

We stumbled on to these guys at the Winter OR show in Salt Lake City this past January and couldn't be happier. Show special 5 bucks for this gorgeous water color trucker cap that we couldn't resist. Looking back I wish I would have bought the entire sleeve. As soon as I put this hat on it fit better than any hat before. They incorporated just the right amount of padding around the inside to allow for a pillow like fit without squishing your head. With styles ranging from truckers to lifestyle they have a hat for everyone. Most incorporation a SPF rating of 50+ they double as the all important sunscreen we always seem to forget.  Did I mention we receive compliments almost every time we wear these out? If I had it my way I would have a different style for everyday of the week. With the company helping support local and national causes the hat gains even more appeal. Be sure to check this brand out and help them keep up the good work. #dontforgetyourhat

Samuel Hubbard -  Hubbard Free Limited - MSRP: $225.00 -  Buy it Now

Shoe makers since 1930 these guys know how to make shoes. Blending timeless looks with modern technology allows for the comfiest "dress shoe" to date. Looking for a little style in your life, look no further. These shoes may not cut in on the trail but they do wonders from the office to out on the town. Inspired by sneakers this high quality hand built shoe is anything but. Built with a seamless one-piece vamp and hidden padding at the ankle contact point allows for surprising amounts of maneuverability. Built on a heavy duty Vibram sole this shoe is sure to last a lifetime. The price may be a little steep but the quality and craftsmanship was apparent the second these shoes left the box. I hate to say it but when it gets colder outside these will soon be a staple in the rotation.

Flowfold - Minimalist Wallet - MSRP: $10.00 - $30.00 - Buy it Now

Your wallet can be considered the most important piece of gear you carry around. It contains pretty much your entire life. From drivers license to credit cards it's important it maintains integrity. Flowfold was another amazing discovery from OR in Salt Lake City. Using the strongest, lightest and toughest materials they can find these wallets are designed to withstand years of abuse. With every product being made in the U.S it's important to support local business. I've had my wallet for roughly a year and it looks almost the same as the same day I got it. I have continuously shoved more cards in there and the wallet doesn't seem to stretch out. I could just as easily carry one card around and never fear of losing it. The wallet is the last thing you think about when gearing up but it's the first thing you miss. Spread the word and get yourself a one of kind piece at the same time.

Helly Hansen - Trysail Boat Shoes - MSRP: $100.00 - Buy it Now

Living in Minnesota a nice pair of water or boat shoes is a daily necessity. I desperately needed a pair and was pleasantly surprised when these showed up. I really shouldn't have been with the exceptional quality that we have come to expect from Helly. Highly breathable and quick to dry out these gorgeous shoe are perfect for almost any environment. I usually wear mine to the office then straight to sloshing around in the mud. I've used them for hiking on the trail, running errands and you'd be amazed at how well they perform on the slick boat deck. The tread looks like the shell of a sea turtle. Built with Helly Grip, Hellywear Protection and Premium Eva the Trysail is a perfect addition to your closet.

Fjallraven - Abisko Eco-Shell Jacket - MSRP: $400.00 - Buy It Now

Far and away the most lifestyle friendly shell in our shell buyers guide, the Abisko Eco-Shell is fast becoming my favorite jacket.  Fjallraven takes their commitment to sustainability and the environment seriously, and their efforts are highlighted in this shell.  The partially recycled polyester Eco-Shell fabric is has a very canvas like feel to it, clearly separating itself from the rest of the jackets in our test.  Through the use of a Fluorocarbon Free Durable Water Repellant treatment, it keeps you dry while having a much more lifestyle look and feel. Two hand pockets and a chest pocket provide ample storage, in traditional locations. Many shells are designed to be worn while your pack is on, which is great when your pack is on.  If you’re at the brewery, it’s kind of annoying. If you are looking for a shell that is built for the trail but has the looks to be downtown, this is the choice.
Sanuk - Range Fusion Slip-Ons - MSRP: $60.00  - Buy it Now

As long time fans of the Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers, we were thrilled to see new styles come out of the Sanuk camp last year.  These slip-on kicks are a bit more refined that the surfers, allowing you to dress them up for a night out while still oozing that beach ready style that made us love Sanuk in the first place.  A more rounded toe, clean lines and a more fitted styling make these one of the most versatile shoes in my collection.  I can rock these with board shorts at the lake or a pair of jeans out to dinner.  Comfortable and stylish, what more do you want?

Barstow (10938) - Polished Gold / Copper Sunglasses - Front View
Zeal Optic - Barstow Aviators - MSRP: $199.00 - Buy it Now

From their new Ellume line, the Barstows are a marriage of technology and style.  The lenses of the Ellume line are made from a plant based bio-plastic, a huge step in the elimination of petroleum from the production of sunglasses.  One may think you 'd have to sacrifice optical quality in the process, but you don't.  These shades provide amazing protection and clarity on par with any of the premium sunglass brands on the market.  Hand built in Japan, the details on these are impeccable.  Wood accents and up-cycled stainless steel converge to make a wearable piece of art.

DrinkTanks Growlers and Keg Cap - MSRP: $109 Growler $45 KegCap
Buy Growler Here   Buy Keg Cap Here

Never again drink flat warm beer by the campfire.  This set-up from DrinkTanks has forever changed portable frosty beverages.  The double wall insulated growler comes in both 64 and 128 ounce versions, so you have enough suds for you or a small crew.  The large handles make it super easy to carry and the cap is a fortress against spills.  What really made this my new favorite vessle is the Keg Cap.  Hook it up and a tiny CO2 cartridge pressurizes the tank and you can dispense the hoppy goodness inside just like a keg.  No going flat, no getting warm... Any beer snobs new best friend.

Swrve - CORDURA Slim Jeans - MSRP: $100 - Buy it Now

CORDURA is a name that any gear lover is all to familiar with.  Known for it's ruggedness and abrasion resistance, it has been a staple in outdoor gear for years.  Swrve recently launched a line of denim with CORDURA fibers woven into the fabric.  How durable is it?  Normal denim will handle around 75,000 "rubs" in the rub test.  Testers stopped the test on the CORDURA denim after 250,000 rubs, because they were just not wearing out.  Now take this incredible fabric and craft stylish jeans and you've got an outdoor lovers new favorite pant.  Add in brilliant features like reflective strips that are exposed when you roll them up and a seamless gusset so you can wear them in all kinds of conditoions without having them rub you the wrong way...  You get bulletproof jeans built to play in.

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