Dish & DU/ER Performance L2X Denim - Gear Review

One of my favorite things about going to the Outdoor Retailor show in Salt Lake City is getting to put your hands on new and exciting gear you had no idea existed. This is exactly what happen when we stumbled upon Dish & DU/ER in the Venture Out section. As soon as Ryan and I touched the display we knew we had to have a pair. These jeans quickly became the ones I grabbed the most, even if it means grabbing them out of the laundry basket.

Dish & DU/ER have taken the technology of some of your favorite hiking pants and combined it with the look of high end jeans. Designed as the perfect alternative, built with the L2X fabric these pants have enough stretch to sit comfortably all day in the office then straight to blazing your favorite trails. They are developed with multiple features that allow you to reach peak performance.

As I said previously, these have quickly become my favorite jeans. I'm not one to perform yoga or exercise in my jeans but these are comfortable enough to have free range of movement in all everyday activities. Quick to dry when my water bottle seemingly springs a leak, yet has enough stretch to not allow bunching up around your family jewels when you sit down.

I was in the process of explaining this to my girlfriend when she proclaimed these are what females wear almost every single day. It's just not sociably acceptable for men to wear yoga pants to work on a daily basis. I'm not comparing these to yoga pants but these are by far the most comfortable pants I have ever put on. If I wasn't so afraid of staining them on the trails I'd prefer to push these to there limits.

With multiple styles, fabrics and colors Dish & DU/ER has pants for every outfit. And don't forget about the women's styles. These are on my super short list for birthday and Christmas gifts. Add it to your list too!


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