Sunglasses Buyer's Guide - Summer/Fall 2015

Sunglasses are sunglasses right? Well technically speaking, yes but there are some serious differences between and the old cheapo's you buy at the gas station and a pair that are designed and manufactured for that specific purpose. Don't get me wrong, in a pinch any pair will do for the day but you definitely want a quality pair of shades.

All of the sunglasses in this buyers guide are in my opinion are quality shades. The biggest difference between quality and cheapo shades are the lenses. Buying my first pair of "quality" shades I got ridiculed constantly from the significant other on why would I spend that much until she tried them on, instantly it all stopped.

There are so many styles, colors and accessories that it's hard to determine the best pair for you, hopefully this will help. For me it's less about style and more about the quality of the lens and having the correct shade for the environment.

The first pair I got my hands on were a pair of Hoven shades, the Monix, the newest line from the Argonaut series. We met these guys out at the trade show in Salt Lake City and we couldn't be happier to work together. With the wrap around design and their ability to float, 100% UV protection and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses these are the perfect shades for any outdoor activity.  I began to wear them as a necklace on almost any occasion which allowed for easy access to an amazing pair of shades. The polarized lens was perfect for almost any occasion. I did find them a little dark when it began to get cloudy outside but that's to be expected. My lenses took a beating over time but they still kick some serious ass.

I also got my hands on a couple pair of Breath Of Life Apparel solid zebra wood shades called the Contrast. These shades weighed almost nothing and with the amber colored UV protection lenses they are perfect for any day. I did however find my self wearing them on the way home when it was overcast and raining out. It allowed for an almost enhanced view of the road ahead of me. With a laser engraved logo on the side it's nice to let people know where the shades came from. I recently found these guys through some friends that I went to college with. Located in the Chippewa Valley it;s nice to support local business and with a tree planted for every order it's nice to know people care about the world and how they leave it.

Over the years we have gotten our fair share of Maui Jim sunglasses. These have almost never disappointed. With so many styles to chose from it's hard to pick out a favorite. If I had to pick one I would choose the aviators style over all others. With the PolarizedPlus2 lens technology the glasses allow for some of the most vibrant viewing experience on the market. They say Maui is one of the most colorful places on earth and with the right shades you can see the colors hidden by the intense sun. I couldn't agree more.

And now that fall is setting in, it's never to late to pick yourself up a nice pair of shades. Don't be afraid to change it up and get a couple pair because it makes a perfect accessory to your killer new fall outfit. Thanks to Hoven and Breath of Life for really hooking up this summer and if you get the chance, snag a pair of shades. You will not be disappointed.

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