Travel Chair's Joey Chair - Gear Review

Looking for a great camp chair to throw in you pack when headed out on your next paddling or camping adventure?  I have tried countless different options and the Joey Chair from Travel Chair is my new favorite. This chair is light-weight and very easily assembled.  A tightly-fitting zipper bag is provided so the chair and it takes up as little room as possible inside a canoe pack with other gear.  Made from aluminum and rip-stop nylon, you get both the low weight and durability you are looking for in a back-country lounger.

Set-up is incredibly easy.  The aluminum rod base is joined together by two molded plastic joints, and all the rods are kept in place by an elastic shock cord.  Once out of the bag, it practically sets it self up.  Now just slide the nylon seat back onto the four corners of the base, and you're lounging.  It is very comfortable sitting and far more stable than many of the other packable chairs we have tried.  Uneven ground still presents a problem, as it does for most chairs, but that may have been partly to blame on our beverages of choice as well.  Our group discussed the feasibility of telescoping legs on a camp chair to account for uneven ground, but eventually decided that wasn't all that practical either. 

Some basic stats that bring things into perspective:
-  Dimensions Stowed:  4x4x14
-  Dimensions Open: 21x21x28
-  Packed Weight: 1.8 pounds
-  Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

For the weight and space in your pack, this is the best chair we have tried.  Beats the heck out of sitting on a log, that's for sure...

MSRP: $69.99

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