Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 Tent - Gear Review

Big Agnes makes some of our favorite camping gear, for all kinds of reasons.  From their tents to their sleeping bags, they just don't miss the details.  Incredibly well thought-out and purposefully built, their gear will stand the test of time and perform as well as just about anything on the market.  They hit another home run with the Copper Spur UL3.  This 3-person 3-season tent is so versatile and feature laden, you really won't need another tent in your arsenal.  

Our man Bob put this tent through the ringer up in the BWCA a few weeks back.  Here are this thoughts...

I have used the Big Agnes Wall Tent on two Boundary Waters trips.  It comes with easy-to-decipher instructions that are included on the tagging of the tent, but I didn't need them.  The set-up is very intuitive.  The shock cords and poles are put together well, and the cords have not become overly stretched (a possible annoyance) after two years of use.  The tent has stood up well to fairly heavy rains, but I have not had it in a torrential downpour as of yet.  The tent does a very good job of letting moisture out and staying dry on the inside.  It is a three-man tent that packs up into a size that is very transportable in a Duluth pack.  

One unfortunate trait of this tent is that the zipper fly tends to get stuck in the zipper when operating it from the inside.  This can be prevented with some deft finger work, which can be frustrating at 3 am with a full bladder.  Perhaps Big Agnes has fixed this in the 2014 model. The flaps can be easily fastened away from the tent door netting for warmer days or nights, and there are some plastic hooks built onto the outside of the tent to help with that. 

Set up without the fly, you get a real "sleeping under the stars" feel, as well as exceptional airflow.  The entire top half of the tent is completely made from bug netting.  With multiple configuration options, you can even set up the Copper Spur as a sort of sun shelter without the tent using just the poles and fly.  Think a day at the beach, when you just need a place to escape the sun for a bit.  

Super light and packable, this is a great tent for a couple or small family when weight is a concern but you still want a legit shelter.  With a packed weight of 4 pounds, and packed size of 6.5" x 21.5", it's right in there with anything else in the Ultra Light category.  

Copper Spur UL3 Floor Diagram

Copper Spur UL3 Head Height Diagram

MSRP: $499

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