Sanborn Canoe's Buck Saw - Gear Review

When heading out into the woods, a campfire is one of our favorite pastimes.  Whether cooking over it, or just sitting around it with good friends, it is a vital component to any camping trip (at least in our opinion).  One problem that this creates is the need for a solid wood pile.  Hacking away at wrist size sticks with a hatchet is one way to get you through, but it's exhausting and you never seem to have enough wood.  The right tool for the job is a buck saw.  A serious wood cutting tool for any back country adventure.  We had the chance to test out the J.A. Fallman Bucksaw from our friends at Sanborn Canoe, where they once again demonstrate their passion for making beautiful objects from wood to make any canoe camping trip more enjoyable.  Our man Bob shares his thoughts.

This saw surprised and delighted us in the BWCA!  In its disassembled form, it comes wrapped in a canvas roll with a protective pouch for extra blades and is easy to store in a pack and transport. Disassembled and arranged for packing it measures roughly 24 inches long by 2.5 inches wide.  It is sufficiently intuitive that my son and I were able to put it together in about 5 minutes without looking at the directions provided.  It has a comfortable handle on both ends and can be gripped with both hands, even by two campers at the same time for larger logs. 

I know very little about the geometry of saw teeth, but this one easily bit through anything we put it up against.  The wood available to us was pine and poplar in a range of aged conditions from freshly fallen to soft but still burnable.  The largest log we cut through was probably eight inches in diameter, and we accomplished that in about two minutes.  The teeth on this saw were extremely sharp. 

The one drawback is that the single handle below the saw blade (on only one end) does not have a guard to protect your hand.  The teeth are sharp enough to pierce light-weight gloves.  A guard in that spot or even just eliminating the teeth at the end of the saw blade would make it a safer instrument for use in the backwoods.  I would definitely recommend this saw if you plan to stay warm and enjoy hot meals.

MSRP: $80  Available in Hickory and Walnut

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