Snowpeak Mini Hozuki Lantern - Gear Review

Mini Hozuki

Snowpeak makes all kinds of amazing back-country gear; from cookware to lighting they have a little bit of everything.  We had the opportunity to test out the Mini Hozuki lantern over the last few months, and it is now a permanent member of our gear list.

Initially, I didn't have high hopes for this little lantern.  I thought other than lighting up the inside of my shelter, I'm never going to use it.  On the contrary, I found myself using the heck out of it.  Obviously, it did do a great job of lighting up the inside of my hammock shelter when I was climbing in after a long day, but I used it all over camp.  From acting as a beacon over our wine bar to lighting up the fire grate for late night cooking sessions, I was blown away by how versatile this little light is.

Mini Hozuki

Not overwhelmingly bright, but at 60 lumens it is comparable to a quality LED flashlight.  Need both your hands?  The magnetic silicone loop on top lets you hang this little light from just about anywhere. The clear silicone shade around the bottom helps diffuse the light for a softer broader light.  Running on just 3 AAA batteries, you can get up to 180 hours on the "low" setting, 70 hours on "medium" and even 40 hours on "high".

Looking to "set the mood"?  Set the Mini Hozuki to "Candle Mode" and a flickering flame-like ambiance fills the space.  Rather party than snuggle?  Switch it over to "Strobe Mode" and have a campsite dance party.  OK, there are other uses for the strobe feature, but that sounds like more fun than signaling a medi-vac chopper.

Snowpeak has some of the most innovative designs in the outdoor world.  Going beyond the ordinary and finding ways to inject creative and functional features that are lost on most gear companies.  Nothing is frivolous or unnecessary, but rather simplicity and purpose built function drive the design.

MSRP: $39.95

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