Sharkies Organic Energy Chews - Review

How often do you find yourself needing a little pick-me-up, whether on the trail, the lake or in a sea of people at a music festival. Having a go-anywhere snack with a punch has become a staple on my gear list for nearly any outdoor activity.

Over the last couple of years I have become addicted to energy chews.  I can't do the gel shots, just can't get past the texture in most cases. I am not much for label reading either; high fructose corn syrup, caffeine and god knows what else all have reserved seating in my system.  That said, I have two little kids and I do try and look out for them a bit more.  Trust me when I say, it hasn't hurt me either.


Enter the Sharkies Organic Energy Chews and their Kids Sports Chews.  Take everything you love about yummy chewy fruit snacks, ditch all the nasty lab created junk, and deliver an energy snack that works and tastes great.  Whether you are looking for organic, or have kids with food allergies, these things are free of everything you would worry about.  No wheat, gluten, gelatin, fat, trans fat, nuts, artificial dyes or flavors, and they have 100% of the recommended daily Vitamin C. Yeah... that'll work. 

Sharkies were created by a Triathlete looking for an organic option to all the other "energy" snacks on the market.   Their mission is simple; "To provide athletes of all sports with clean fuel to crush their limits, devour their passions and eclipse what they thought was physically possible."  Sounds a little lofty for an energy snack, but kudos for aiming high. 

What they did deliver was an incredible balance of taste and affect.  Most energy chews taste like a cross between a cough drop and 6-month old gummy bears.  Sharkies on the other hand are soft and flavorful.  There is no "medicinal" taste what-so-ever and the flavors are strong yet not overpowering.  Available in Berry, Citrus, Fruit Splash and Watermelon, you're sure to find a favorite.  (I really dig the Berry Blast, just sayin'). 

Now your not gonna eat a package of these and be bouncing off the walls like Tony Montana or anything, but the energy realized is noticeable.  During our BWCA trip this year I had a package of these in my pocket pretty much the whole time.  When I felt myself dragging I'd eat a few and within minutes I saw a definite boost.  This was especially handy when we took a wrong turn on our last portage of the trip adding on nearly a mile of hiking with a canoe on my shoulders.

My kids love these too.  My son has a package with him today at Football camp and says they are "perfect because I can eat a few here and there and I don't get tired as quick as everyone else."  He just has to try and keep the vultures from swiping them when he's not looking.  You know if the other kids are trying to steal them, Sharkies did something right.

MSRP: about $1.50 per package or $18.00 for a box of 12.

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