REI makes changes to its "100% Satisfaction Guarantee"

For many shoppers, REI's return policy was one of the main reasons to shop there.  We are willing to pay top prices for gear we can get other places, simply because we know if it fails we can bring it back.  In an effort to stave off abuse to the policy, and ensure its long-term survival, REI is making some changed, effective today.

Here is the email REI Members received...

Since 1938, getting you outfitted with the right gear to enjoy your 
outdoor adventures has been our number one goal. We have earned
a well-deserved reputation for our friendly expertise, and our 100%
guarantee means that we stand behind everything we sell.
REI has one of the best return policies in retail, and we remain committed
to your satisfaction with everything you buy at REI. We also have a
small, but growing, number of customers who stretch our policy beyond
its intended purpose. To ensure that we can continue to offer our 100%
Satisfaction Guarantee, we're updating our policy: You have one year
from purchase to return or exchange any item you're not satisfied with,
except items purchased from REI-OUTLET, which must be returned
within 30 days of purchase. If you want to learn more, please click here.
These updates enable us to maintain our robust policy and, as always,
stand behind all purchases made at REI and REI-OUTLET.
We are committed to getting you into the very best gear and apparel for
your outdoor adventures. This means offering you great service and
standing behind the products we sell. That was the case in 1938, and it
remains true today. I thank you for your support and patronage of REI
and wish you a season of unforgettable outdoor experiences.
Tim Spangler
Senior Vice President, Retail

So, tell us what you think.  Is this a bad move by REI?  Does it really have an impact on "honest" returns?  Is this just aimed at scammers and people looking to get something for nothing???  Would you really expect to be able to return something after a year?  Does the exception of REI-Outlet and its 3-day return policy create issues for you?  Sound off!

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Troy M said…
This is not a good move on their part. They better up the focus on their philanthropic activities if they don't want to lose any prestige in the eyes of nature loving consumers. Their green initiatives will go a long way, however, this change evens the playing field for all of their competitors. This is an bold strategy, Cotton, we'll have to see how it pays off for them.