LifeProof iPhone 5 case - Gear Review

Once again we call upon our man Drew to give us his perspective from the demanding world of the construction trades.  Want to kill a phone fast, work with concrete all day.  Dust, water and dropping your device off of the scaffolding to a cement floor; that's about as bad as it gets.  Here are his thoughts... 

I am in the cement industry, I am very rough on my phones and this one holds up to everything. I drop it all the time and nothing ever happens; maybe a little dent on the case but the phone is always good. I have dropped it in snow, water (completely submersed in water and sprayed under the faucet), dirt, wet mud and cement. I have gotten cement and concrete dust on it and it always just rinses off with water at the sink and dried with a towel, which is my favorite thing about it.  I love this case for someone that beats up his phone, is clumsy or has a child that wants to play with it and try to eat it and drool all over your phone.


Compared to the iPhone 4 model, it seems more durable and a  slimmer design.  I like that the screw in plug for earphones was more integrated into the design, so it doesn't look so weird and bulky now. It's a slick design.   I like that now there is a cut out around the back for the apple to show, I know it's not functional but it adds a nice touch. The sound and mic are great with no muffling and is loud.  The glass over the camera never is spotty or blurry, you can't even tell there is a screen over it protecting it. 

Tech Specs
The belt clip I use all the time.  It bevels away from the screen when locked in so the screen never touches or gets scratched.  It can be plugged in and the camera is accessible when clipped in.   You can clip it face in or out and has two different size clips for different size belts. I had the iPhone4 clip as well and it always broke, this one is not the same.
If I have to find a flaw, it is that the screen is easily scratchable.  Just wiping off mud causes little scratches on the screen protector.  All in all this is the best case I have found.  Trust me, if I can't ruin this thing, I'm pretty sure  no one can.

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