Oofos Sandals - Gear Review

So, I am on a family vacation in Florida.  We spent 4 days in Orlando taking the kids to several of the Disney parks; Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom had no idea what was coming.  6 adults, 4 kids, 3 strollers and more miles on my feet in 4 days than I truly care to calculate.  After a never-ending winter where I have spent a little too much quality time on my couch, my feet were feeling the mileage.

Enter the Oofos sandals. I took these along knowing that I would be ready for some quality pool time after the Disney adventure was over.  The second I slid my foot into these my face had an ear-to-ear smile.  I was blown away by how squishy and pillow-like they were.  Every step along the deck out to the beach was like a 1 second message for my barkin' dogs.

Built entirely from what they call OOfoam, these one-piece sandals fit snugly and stayed in place even when chasing little ones on the beach.  The OOfoam is touted as 37% more resilient than traditional EVA foam, providing more cushioning and "rebound effect" than any sandal I have ever had on my feet. I am no chemist, but the results of this proprietary compound are undeniable.

Whether you are a marathoner looking to rejuvenate battered feet, or heading out to a summer music festival and want a squishy cloud to walk on, these things are the ticket. I'm going with the latter, and when things get muddy and wet as they always do, a quick rinse with a hose and these sandals will be as good as new.

MSRP: $39.95

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