Holiday Gift Guide - Winter Gear Edition

Well, we finally got some snow.  Nothing like going from zero to over a foot in under 24 hours.  Now that most of us are dug out, you can get to the stores to do a little Holiday shopping.  Here are some awesome gift ideas for those of us that like to play in the snow.

LOWA Boots Nabuco GTX Mid:  LOWA makes some of the most technical hiking boots on the planet, now add Partalena fleece insulation and a Gore-Tex liner for one killer pair of snow boots.  I don't care if you are strapping them into snowshoes or finding your sidewalk with that hated shovel, your feet will thank you for lacing these up first.  The sole has little circles of fabric embedded in the rubber treads for improved traction on ice.  (Think tongue on a flagpole) With an MSRP of $250, they are a little spendy but they'll last forever.

Sierra Designs Flex Down Jacket:  Here is a 650 fill down puffy jacket that delivers all of the warmth you need without making you feel like the Staypuff Marshmallow Man in the process. If you are like me, and once the temps drop below 40 degrees you repeatedly ask yourself why the he!! you live where you live, this jacket will help you remember.  Who doesn't like to play in the snow?  As long as you don't freeze. Range of motion is left relatively unimpeded.  The cuffs are stretchy but tight enough to keep the snow out.  The hood is super warm, providing a toasty little cocoon to hide in.   The 100% recycled rip-stop polyester shell seems quite water resistant, so should a snowball fight happen to break out, the other guys better pack a lunch, you are ready for battle.  MSRP $239

Holden's Field Pants (Stussy):  These pants bring a level of style to winter gear, usually reserved for the hipster crowd.  Take all the warmth and water repellency  of  bomber snow pants, but without the flashy colors and plastic feeling.  The shell of the pants are soft to the touch and washed look that instantly make them feel like they have been in your arsenal for years.  The subtle pinstripe adds character without being "over-the-top", like a black and white urban camo or some 80's neon splatter paint print.  The straight leg design is roomy but not bulky and there are just enough pockets to hold your stuff, but you won't spend 15 minutes in line at the bar looking for your wallet.  Never have another one of those "I know it's here somewhere" moments again.  Heading to the resort for the weekend?  Nothing is better than having one pair of shell pants you can go-to for everything.  Sitting by the bonfire or chest deep in powder, these pants redefine versatile.
MSRP: $290

Black Diamond's Patrol Gloves: Nothing brings the end to a fun day in the snow faster than numb fingers.  Keeping your digits warm and dry seems like a task that should be pretty easy to manage, yet so many gloves fall flat.  These monsters from Black Diamond are ready to go, all day and all night.  Whether hanging on to a ski pole or pushing the 4 foot tall snowman base around the yard, you will forget you have gloves on.  Super soft goat leather stays supple even in the most frigid temps and provide maximum durability.  These are the kind of gloves you can wear season after season and they look like new.  Stuffed full of PrimaLoft One insulation, they keep your fingers warm, but if temps rise the BDry insert aids in wicking moisture away from the skin to keep you dry.  MSRP: $109

Clayton Beanie from Chaos Hats:  You may think a beanie is just a beanie.  How different can one be?  Fit, quality of materials and style are what make a good hat.  The Clayton has it all.  Made from a double layer of tightly knit acrylic yarn, this "slouchy" stocking hat is the perfect way to keep your head warm.  This thing is nearly indestructible.  Shove it in the bottom of you bag, stomp on it, get it filthy, do your worst, then just give it a quick wash and it is back to good as new...  Brilliant!
MSRP: $23.99

Burton's Easy Livin' Snowboard:  As Burton says this is "Not just a board; a way of life".  Bring your inner dead head to the mountain on this super buttery stick.  This board was made for guys like me.  No where near pro, but not my first time on a board either.  This thing makes me look better than I really am.  Forgiving, that's an understatement.  A magical combination of pop and razor sharp edge control lets you land, save and mysteriously rescue tricks that would usually create crater where your face landed.  Here in the land on 10,000 lakes, powder days are rare.  Hours on groomers and a misguided run through the park define my average day on the slopes, but venture off trail or try and squeeze an extra 180 degrees out of a spin and you'll remember why they call this board Easy Livin'.  That next run may just be the long strange trip you've been waiting for...
MSRP: $529.99

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