KEEN Industrial Cleveland Boots - Gear Review

Many of the members of Paddle Junkie Nation make a living in a construction or industrial profession of one kind or another.  Construction trades, manufacturing and agricultural industries are all filled with lovers of the outdoors.  I enjoy lacing up my boots, because that usually means I am headed out for an adventure of some sort.  For these folks, their boots are a vital part of their work attire.  Having rugged, supportive and protective footwear is not a luxury, it's a basic requirement.  

To get a real perspective on the KEEN Cleveland Steel-Toe Boots, I had my buddy Drew take them for a test drive.  He works in the custom concrete business, so he is climbing on scaffolding, welding re-bar, tying lath, pouring and sculpting concrete to create anything from rain-forest themed restaurants to zoo enclosures that house polar bears.  If there is a less hospitable environment for a pair of boots, I have no interest in visiting...  Here are his thoughts...

I have been in construction for over ten years and these are the best boots I've had, by far, and I have tried many. They were instantly comfortable, there was no breaking in period like red wings or others.  My old boots would last maybe three months before the would wear out; the sides would blow out the stitching, the traction would wear off and the steel toe would be exposed and fall out due to the leather rubbing away from working on your knees. I've had these KEEN boots for five months and they are still basically perfect. No tears in the leather or significant wearing. I still can't believe it.

They are completely waterproof as well, which is a huge plus when working outside or in wet conditions. Another very positive feature is the thick black rubber toe over the front of the boot protecting the steel toe. I've always had to buy rubber at home depot and apply it to the tip of my old boots to keep them from getting ruined,  these KEEN boots don't have that problem.  

After 5 months of hard use, my waterproofing is starting to give and a little piece of sole on side tore off, but still, these are a million times better than the other work boots on the market.  I have spent more than double the price of these KEENs on other boots, and would be about to buy my third pair in the same amount of time.  I highly recommend the keen brand boots as now I will never go back to a different brand.  

High praise from a guy that is known to be a bit "critical" of his gear.  

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