Columbia River's S.P.E.W. Knife - Gear Review

There are few things higher on the list of "must haves" in the woods than a quality knife.  Honestly, I usually have 2 or 3 on me if I am ever more than a couple of miles from the car.  When venturing off the beaten path and you are going to be in a situation where you can go from serenity to survival in a matter of minutes, nothing beats a sturdy fixed blade.

This year I had the chance to take the Columbia River Knife & Tool S.P.E.W with on our BWCA trip.  The Small Pocket Everyday Wharncliffe (S.P.E.W.) is not your traditional back-country bush craft knife, rather it's a slim, sharp, comfortable tool with a point that could pierce the toughest materials around.  At just over 6.25 inches with a 3 inch cutting surface, this knife will handle nearly any cutting task you ask of it.  I cut rope, fishing line, sharpened sticks for cooking and sliced steaks up like a pro.  As a camp kitchen knife I couldn't believe how well this performed, only a time or two was I wishing it was a bit larger.

What blew me away the most was how light this thing is. At just 3 ounces you forget it is hanging around your neck.  After 3 months of steady use, I have only had to sharpen this blade once, and that was a quick touch-up.  This thing is just way tougher than it looks.  With my folder clipped in my pocket and this dangling on my chest, you could have dropped me in the middle of any wilderness and I dare say, I would have been amply equipped.

MSRP: $44.99

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Unknown said…
Yeah, it's quite the blade. With 5cr-15mov blade it's more durable than most. A quick touch up and she's ready for more work. I'd like to see another product use this steel. Super easy to sharpen and robust enough to work all day.