Seal Line eSeries 8 Case - Gear Review

Dry bags are the not the first item on my list to be "tested".  I refuse to purposely throw a bag of electronics into the water to see if the bag they are stored in works. I do not care about the technology or the 'manufacturing on a molecular level' that went into a sealable bag. I will not dump a bag of belongings into the water... on purpose.

Our dry bags were tested this year. And I am glad to say that I was literally a happy camper. As our canoe flipped over, the last thing on my mind was the condition of my digital camera. I was more concerned about my dad, my tobacco pipe, the boat, Ryan's fishing rod (sorry Ryan). So as my father and I came to shore 20 minutes after being tricked by the science of buoyancy, I was thrilled to see that my camera had not been affected by the "wave" that took the boat and its occupants by surprise. 

The Seal Line eSeries 8 Case did its job. My Canon Powershot was happy and dry while its owner was irritated and wet. This case is big enough to fit a phone, GPS, or a point-and-shoot camera. It's equipped with holes to clip itself onto any pack and a Ziploc-esque seal constructed for the apocalypse.  The see-thru plastic allows you to operate touch screen devices while inside, safe and dry.

So I would like to thank the people at Seal Line for saving my items from the unforeseen and the un-dry. Consider a dry-bag from them as insurance without the monthly bank draft.

Seal Line eSeries 8 Case

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