Pocket Disc - Gear Review

It may be my inner hippy, or simply my love for being outside, but I love to throw around a Frisbee.  My accuracy may leave a little to be desired and finding space in my pack to bring one along on a back-country trip is often easier said than done.  I met a couple really cool guys at the Outdoor Retailer trade show that had a product that changed all that.  The Pocket Disc is a crocheted cotton disc that flies incredibly well and if your throw finds an unintended target, no worries, nothing is going to break.  Even better, it folds, rolls or stuffs into nearly any space.  Headed to a music festival?  Just stuff this in your pocket...

Available in dozens of colors and patterns, there is a design that is perfectly your style.  Made by Mayan artisans, these are not cranked out on some huge machine in a warehouse in china.  Every single Pocket Disc is hand made and a fair trade product helping enrich the lives of the artists that create them.

They are fun on so many levels... My daughter can't decide if she likes it better as a toy or a beret...

The crew at Pocket Disc are not done here either.  Check out their latest innovation, the LunaDisc.  They have incorporated pliable LED lights for nighttime fun.  Just because the sun called it quits for the day, doesn't mean you have to.  Check out their Kickstarter project for full details and how to get your hands on one.


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