Bolle Tetra: Style Meet Comfort - Gear Review

I am a man of many sunglasses. I have a pair for the lake, for a bike ride, for a day wedding. You name the event, I own the sunglasses that suit any occasion or outfit. Since I have so many pairs of shades I have a difficult time categorizing a pair of sunglasses that is, in its design, multi-functional. The Bolle Tetra Sunglasses were crafted for any occasion.

Although Bolle categorizes this pair as a sport sunglasses, they could fit into any style. These are simply engineered as sport glasses. Bolle has perfected the needs of athletes anywhere. With the Thermogrip, these shades cling to your face no matter how much you are sweating. The last thing you want on your mind as your pull that 11lb Northern out of the water is your specs disappearing into the same water that brought you dinner.

Created with the B88 frames, these sunglasses are light enough to hang from your shirt, while durable enough to stuff into your pack. Accompany that fact with their Pinless Hinge Technology and you have a pair of sunglasses that if dropped into the water, or soiled in sweat are not going to rust.

The design is tasteful as well. The eye shapes have a modern arrogance that still succumbs to the beauty of aerodynamics. The Tetra falls into the limbo between sport and lifestyle. So, if you are ever riding your 1984 Trek Bicycle to a Business convention in the Appalachians don't worry about packing another pair of sunglasses, the Tetra has you covered.

MSRP: $129.00

Bolle Tetra

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