Sending a little love...

The crew here at Team Paddle Junkie has been a bit distracted over the last couple of weeks.  June 7th, as we were just miles from the BWCA for our annual gear test trip, we got a phone call that rocked us to our core.  News from home was that my niece Yvonne, step-daughter to our very own Paddling Pedro, had been diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Yvonne - Rocking a gymnastics meet...
Today, just about a month before her 11th birthday, she is spending 8 hours at the University of Minnesota hospital receiving her first chemotherapy treatment.  The next 8 months or so will be a long uncomfortable road, but if anyone can persevere it would be this pint sized stick of dynamite.  Wise beyond her years and sporting an infectiously spunky attitude, she is better equipped to handle this than many of the rest of us.

The over-all prognosis is optimistic, but she and her family could use as much positive mojo as they can get.  So, if you can shoot some "get well" vibes to Yvonne, it would be much appreciated.  

Stay strong Pookie - We love ya'

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