Columbia River Knife & Tool's M16-14ZER - Gear Review

Taking the proven form factor of the M16 by Kit Carson, CRKT answered the call of Emergency Services personnel across the country with the new M16-14ZER. Their answer comes with a couple handy new features incorporated, namely a seat belt cutter integrated into the flipper and a tungsten carbide window breaker. We put this new blade in the hands of a new tester, The Urban Redneck, for a trial run... Here's what he has to say.

The CRKT M16-14ZER is what I would call a versatile knife. It comes with a polished AUS 8 steel tanto blade and glass infused bright orange nylon scales. Losing this thing is practically impossible. Using the knife over the last few months I have learned several ways to use the seat belt cutter that I’m sure were not intended, it's great for everyday things like cutting zip ties and small rope. To be honest I initially thought the knife was on the big side, but since I started carrying it I find that it is perfect. The knife stays sharp even with all the abuse I manage to put it through.

I have shared it with a few local police officers and they would love to add this tool to their utility belts. Their reaction to the knife was amazing, they could not believe the versatility and ease of this knife. They loved all the features especially the tungsten carbide window breaker. Little did I know, usually they have to try and break a window with their batons and that is easier said than done. Thanks for the input officers.

Far and away, this will be the knife that I carry everywhere. Why? 'cause you just never know…

MSRP: $89.99

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