Grassroots Hats - Gear Review

There are times when you get more than you expect from a piece of gear. Usually you don't think of a hat as having more than one trick up its sleeve. I ran into a group of guys in Hawaii that proved to me that isn't necessarily true.
Stash pocket hat
Grassroots Polar Bear 2011
Grassroots makes a line of hats unlike anything I had seen before.  It was refreshing to see hats that weren't billboards for a sports team or a clothing brand for a change.  These hats had designs with their own unique style.  I picked up a solid black hat with a white polar bear embroidered on the front, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  The inside of the hat, as well as the underside of the bill, were lined in a printed silk that added a grip of cool.
Grassroots hat bottom view
Printed bill and silky lining 
To the untrained eye (like mine, someone had to show me) the sweetest feature of this hat would go completely unnoticed, and that is precisely the point.  Hidden behind the band is access to a secret stash pocket created by the silk lining.  Plenty big to hold your ID and some cash, it is a perfect spot to tuck away your valuables when headed to the beach or concert.  

This hat quickly jumped to the top of the rotation.  Comfortable, fitted and obviously well made, plus the added bonus of storage space. How could I not love this thing???

MSRP: $30.00

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radegastmike said…
that's hott, i'd like to see this hat on kush.