Grand Trunk Travel Goods - Gear Review

It takes a lot to get me frustrated when I'm on vacation.  That said, looking like the Griswolds, loaded down with a months worth of gear, heading to the beach is one thing that drives me crazy.  The shear amount of crap you think you "need" is ridiculous.  Grand Trunk has a whole line of travel products that fly right in the face of my vacation anxt.

The Parasheet was our favorite and most used item of all the Grand Trunk Gear we tested.  Forget sitting on your towel and getting that all loaded full of sand.  This nylon sheet weighs practically nothing, is about 6' x6' and had pockets sewn into the corners.  Once you scooped a little sand into each of those, it would takes hurricane force winds to blow this thing away.  Even though it was a darker color, it never felt hot to the touch and when it did get wet, it dried in minutes.  When not in use, it packs away nearly in an integrated pouch no bigger than a paperback book.  MSRP: $39.99

Towels are always an issue.  Traveling with 6 people this time around, we needed a bunch.  The Pack Towels from Grand Trunk were all I used the entire trip.  These dark blue rectangles were like a gift from above.  When stowed away they were inconsequential in your pack.  Once open however, they can keep up with the largest , fluffiest cotton beach towels around.  Amazingly absorbent, they reminded my of the chamois I've used for years on my vehicles, but the synthetic material is far more durable.  Even when these things got completely soaked, all you needed to do was wring it out and they were nearly completely dry.  A few minutes in the Hawaii sun and they were bone dry.  MSRP: $29.99
Not sure how to lug all that stuff around? Running to the grocery store?  Having an extra bag along is never a bad play, but with the limitations and cost of extra luggage these days, who brings extra bags?  Well, when they pack down to the size of a lime and weigh just 2 ounces, why not.  The Eco Travel Bag was a great little addition to my pack, for those "Just in Case" situations.  MSRP:$ 14.99

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