Footbalance Custom Insoles - Gear Review

Custom orthotics, or foot beds, are just for old people or folks with some kind of messed up feet, right?  Well, the answer is kinda yes, except that about 75% of the population have "messed up" feet.  Nearly three quarters of us have issues with how our feet and lower legs line up and this causes all kinds of issues we never even realize are happening.

I always thought I had high arches, and I may well have at some point, but our feet change over time and as we increase or decrease our level of activity. Arches that are too high or low inhibit proper weight distribution on your feet.  Arch issues can also lead to misalignment of your feet relative to your lower leg (pronation) and causes a laundry list of problems too.

Overpronation - usually due to low or collapsed arches, but not always.

Step one:  Figure out how your feet and lower legs are actually functioning.  Map your footprint and measure the levels of over or underpronation you experience.
Foot analysis in action
Step Two:  Based on YOUR feet and the activities you participate in, a Footbalance specialist can determine which insole is right for you.  There are 10 to choose from including a heated model for those of us that play in the snow.  They then custom mold the footbed to YOUR foot, providing ideal support and maximum results.

I have suffered from Shin Splints for as long as I can remember.  As a runner (OK, maybe not as much anymore) it was the bane of my existence.   I have endured soaking my lower legs in 5 gallon buckets of ice water, for what seemed like an eternity, as the only real solution to this problem.  Since I was fitted for a pair of Footbalance insoles back at the OR Show last month, NO SHIN SPLINTS!  That alone is proof enough for me that these things make a HUGE difference.

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