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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's that time again.  I am headed to Salt Lake City for the country's largest trade show for the Outdoors world.  The Outdoor Retailer Winter Market runs from Wednesday to Sunday next week, and I will be there for the whole thing.

At current tally there are 1,015 names on the Exhibitor List.  Check it out and let me know if there is something you want us to report back on.  I have roughly 100 booths on my "Must-See" list, so I am going to be one busy guy.  My inbox has been blowing up for the last couple of weeks with press kits and sneak peeks at new gear.  Here are a few I can't wait to check out...

Millet's 7/24 Ride Jacket:  This is a new brand for me.  French alpine gear that looks like it's ready for 10 feet of powder and sub-arctic temps.  And I just dig the design aesthetic; simple but a bit funky. There is a whole category of gear that is quickly becoming a major player at the show.  Back-country snow gear is all the rage.  Much of it is designed for ski and snowboard junkies that want to hike into untouched powder.  I know this stuff will be bullet-proof for any snowy adventure, no elevation change needed.

Wolverine Trivor Mid-Cut Hiker:  These go-anywhere hikers were built to be everyone's best friend.  Not Uber-technical, but fully trail capable, these look to be a great all-around boot for the neighborhood park or the trail head.

Hi-Tec's Timaru Down Hoodie: This is not your usual down jacket.  Constructed from transparent 15D nylon and filled with multi-color dyes down, you get a funky pattern that changes as the down moves around inside.  The dying process is actually supposed to improve the down's performance too.  That's just cool...

Teva's ReForge Ion-Mask Water Shoes:  Based solely on the description these should be an ideal canoe camping footwear choice.  Touted as the marriage of a "classic hiker and an amphibious multi-sport shoe" they should go from rocky portage to slimy creek bed like a champ.  If they are even a slight improvement on the Churn water shoes we tested this spring, I am more than a little excited...

Vapur Water Bottles:  Its a bottle without the bottle part.  Like a reusable Capri Sun pouch with a spout.  Ultra packable and uber-light, these make a great back-country drinking system.  Plus, they come is a smaller .4 liter size for the kiddies...

Stay tune for more preview items as we get closer to the show.  I'll let you know if I see anything else cool.

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