Woolrich Big Horn Pants - Holiday Gift Guide Review

Every guys should own at least one pair of wool pants.  Living in the frozen tundra of the Mid-West, you develop an appreciation for something a little more substantial than your average chinos.  Finding a pair that is stylish enough to go from the office to happy hour can be kinda tricky though.  Many wool trousers are designed with manual labor in mind, a function before form mentality.

The Big Horn Pants from Woolrich bring style and comfort to wool trousers unlike anything you will find from a pair of wool work pants.  I have been sporting a pair for a few weeks and they are simply too cool.  They are a bit lighter weight than I initially expected, but still cut the cold as you would expect while being comfortable enough for indoor use.  They are lined with satin to the knees, so you get no itchy legs.

Available in both "Olive" and "Slate" these are not some boring monochromatic colors.  They are varied and have a depth that you don't find in ordinary wools. I am sure these will make an excellent addition to your guy's wardrobe.

MSRP: $99.00

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