Necky Rip 12 Kayak - Holiday Gift Guide Review

Looking to go all out this Holiday Season?  Have a need to get back a few "brownie points" from misdeeds over the last year?  I think I have the answer.  Blurring the lines between recreational and touring kayaks, the new Rip 12 from Necky is both comfy and responsive.  
If that person on you list is a relative newbie to kayaking, but is loving it, this is the ticket.  With all the stability and creature comforts of a recreational kayak , the Rip 12 is easy to paddle all day.  A large cock-pit makes entry and exit a breeze. Cushy seat and pads all around and even a cup holder for your beverage of choice all make this Yak feel like a well loved sofa.

Blend in a narrower beam, long water-line and a sharp keel and you have a smooth paddling, long gliding boat that will make any novice paddler feel like a pro.  With more rocker than a rec style kayak, tighter turns and generally better handling is immediately noticeable.

So, whether you are fighting your way outta the dog house, or just looking to feed a passion, the new Rip series from Necky will surely put a smile on someone's face.  I'm just not sure how the heck you'll fit it under the tree...
Pick up a Rip 10 or 12 between now and December 24th and get a free $50 Visa Giftr Card.  Click HERE for details.

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