Hot Chilly's Cabo Fleece Hoody - Holiday Gift Guide Review

If like me, you live in a part of the world where temperatures plummet this time of year, then the term Base Layer is nothing new.  Neither is Hot Chilly's. They are the #1 selling base layer in winter sports.   I remember having a Hot Chilly's sherpa lined sweatshirt back in the late 1980's and what I remember is it was flat out hot.  When I was heading to the local snowboard locale, and it was gonna be freezing, that sweatshirt was the first thing I found.

Fast forward about 20 years and everything I remember about their stuff is still true.  Only now the styling and materials of their Second Layer gear is cool enough to be outerwear.  I have been testing the Cabo Full Zip Fleece Hoody and it blows most other fleece jackets out of the water.  It may not be the lightest or most packable, but that is not what we are going for here.  In my experience, most fleeces are comfortable down to about 40-45 degrees, not the Cabo Fleece.  Last night I stepped outside at about 11:00pm to investigate the sound of freezing rain hitting the windows.  At only 21 degrees I was perfectly comfortable in the Cabo Hoody.  This WOULD NOT happen with any other fleece in my closet.

If I had to find a complaint it would be that the two pockets are set back a little too far.  I find myself searching for the opening often.  As temps drop even further and this jacket goes from outerwear to second layer that will be less of an issue.

I HATE being cold, and this hoody will help me fight that battle this winter.  I am betting this will be a regular choice for me from now until the end of May...  Plus, the people over at Hot Chilly's are a pretty cool, laid-back bunch.  With a motto like "Make life a Fiesta", how can they not be?

MSRP: $95.00

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