Hi-Tec's Crack of Dawn Hoodie - Holiday Gift Guide Review

The days of the StayPuff Marshmallow Man down jackets are over, but that doesn't mean down is out.  Advances in natural and synthetic downs have made the jackets slimmer and less "Raiders Starter Jacket" without sacrificing warmth.  The team of product designers at Hi-Tec have been delivering products people that love the outdoors will appreciate.  1) They work 2) They look good and 3) You don't need to sell a kidney on the black market to own one...

I have been testing the Crack of Dawn Hoodie for a few months now and I'm impressed.  It is slim enough to play in without getting in the way.  The cuffs velcro closed tight so you can tuck them into gloves or just keep the muck out.  It is really warm, even for a frosty December day in Minnesota.  The side pockets are easy to get into and zip shut and they stay that way.  No losing gear due to a wardrobe malfunction...  I use the snot out of the chest pocket.  Way easy to get into and it is cavernous.  

If I had to find a complaint it would be that the down feathers like to sneak out through the holes punched in the ripstop fabric shell by the needle while being stitched. Not a big deal, just causes my OCD to flair up a bit.  

The jacket cleans up well and they are tougher than they look.  3 months in and no visible damage to be found, and I am not easy on my stuff.  If your guy needs a new jacket, and one that can go from a weekend hike to a workday commute, this is a great option.

MSRP: $199.00

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